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Making a difference one step at a time

Making a difference is such a hard topic to target. What exactly does it take to make a difference? Everyone wants to make a difference in their community. Everyone can, and does make a difference in other peoples lives on a daily basis. It's not always easy to see in the moment, and sometimes it feels like we aren't doing enough.

As a community, it takes a variety of people, lifestyles, learning obstacles,

and small steps to make an impact. My passion is helping youth achieve their goals. I have the opportunity to contribute with assisting youth reach their fullest potential everyday. Not only that, I meet awesome people along the way!

There is a secret though; I am not Superwoman. I KNOW I KNOW- shocker. Without my co-workers, I would simply not be successful in fundraising. Everyone on my Bloom team works together to make dreams come true. It takes small steps to reach the big goals.

Nobody can achieve making an world of difference by themselves. Differences are not measured by the amount of money one person spends or the sacrifices made by one individual. It is important to step back and recognize the importance of the small steps along the journey. Step back and congratulate yourself for the effort you have made. Every little bit, every little day, everything adds up to the overall picture.

Never forget your goal. Never give up on your goal. Be appreciative for others that are assisting and supporting you along the way. Then, wake up the next day and do it all over. Harder. With more encouragement than the day before. Why? Yesterday you made a small difference. Today is your chance to take the next step.

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