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Define Fundraising

What a FUN week for FUNdraising this has been! I was given the opportunity to see, in action, one of the cheer organizations that Bloom is supporting in reaching their goal. It was an amazing experience.

In many ways, it was also eye-opening. When speaking to the team, they were all really excited to work towards their fundraising goal and knew it meant one thing; they will be using the money to go to competition this summer. It was fascinating to hear the girls talk about the trip, but I took that chance to ask; “What do you think of when you think of the word fundraising?”

A few answers came to them quickly; “raising money, going to competition.” Listening to the girls talk about their personal perceptions, they all had different “insights” as to what fundraising meant for their team. After the girls received a clear understanding of the fundraising efforts from their parents and coaches, they were more motivated to actively participate in their fundraising efforts when they understood why they were fundraising. The outcome would be whether or not they could attend their “big” competition over the summer.

Goals are achieved through hard work and dedication. Understanding and putting emphasis on how to reach these goals is beneficial to anyone, at any age. Write your goals down. Write down the steps you need in order to achieve this goal. Here; I will start. My goal is to be an active, positive team member at Bloom dedicated to the success of youth organizations and their fundraising efforts.

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