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You have a crowdfunding page. It looks awesome. You can't believe it's personalized with a picture, your goal, and what the purpose is behind your mission. But now what do you do with it?

That's where most people get held up with being successful. Once you have received the page you can't just think that people will find it. Imagine you started a new job yet no one told you where to find the time clock. Do you ask? Or do you just not get paid? Of course you ask, that's a silly question. So why wouldn't you do they same thing with your crowdfunding page?

ASK for HELP! It amazes me that people have this incredible opportunity to gather a crowd to help them reach their goals, yet they don't put the information out there. This isn't the field of dreams, if you build it they will come. This is 2019! Even at the disposal of knowledge on the Internet you still have to work for results.

Here are some tips that will help you!

1. Ask for help.

2. Remember your why. (why did you start your crowdfunding page)

3. Share on all of your social networks. (2 times per week on all channels)

4. Ask others to share your page, multiple times.

5. Get your team, club, organization involved in the sharing. It's ONE TEAM - ONE GOAL right. This is not a to each their own scenario.

6. Text out your link to as many people as possible. But don't just send the link, ask them if they will support you on your mission that this is very important to you.

7. Get local businesses involved by asking them to sponsor your page with a donation and you will then give them credit on what you are raising money for.

8. Emails - use your 'dashboard" in your fundraiser log in to log in emails. This will start a drip campaign to all the recipients. So that they don't think it is a "spam scam," also email them ONCE from your personal to let them know it is being sent.

9. Remember: your success is your teams success so give incentives to the person who shows the most leadership in helping.

10. Celebrate your goal when it is reached.

There isn't a lot of hard things to do with your crowdfunding link but there are some things you must do. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Need more information? Contact us we are here to help impact communities and help them grow.

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