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Ten reasons why Bloom’s VIP Bonus Rewards - Is The Online Fundraiser of Choice

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

  1. Every supporter receives a $25 VIP BONUS REWARDS Membership

  2. The “app-friendly” Membership includes:

- a $100 travel voucher to use at over 1 million hotels

- Up to 50% discounts at over 750,000 retailers

3. The average member saves over $2000 annually.

4. 70% of every donation stays with the team up to $50.

5. 97% of donations over $50 go to the team.

6. Bloom donates another 10% of its profit to support the NWCA mission.

7. On average - 88% of every dollar donated supports wrestling at the local, state, and national levels.

8. Coaches receive a $150 travel voucher when they signup.

9. Coaches receive a $1000 travel voucher when they get 100 donors.

10. Bloom’s owners are former college and HS coaches/athletes committed to helping grow the sport of wrestling.

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