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We Built It

We hope you will consider using it.

From the inception of our FFA relationship the driving force at Bloom has been how can we do more for FFA chapters. Our efforts were built on a foundation of “the more we deliver the greater the chapter participation.” Then, the unexpected happens, just as the Ag advisors really started to embrace our FFA Chapter Challenge.

Rather than succumbing to the crisis, we met it head-on with the idea we could turn the situation into a positive for Bloom and FFA. With the future of fundraising as we knew it unknown, we have immediately turned our attention to completing our online platform so it would be ready to deliver an option for chapters for the fall.

It was a major decision for Bloom….we lost our entire spring sales season of business but knew we had to make another major investment to complete our online platform. So without hesitation, we moved forward and created the online version of the FFA Challenge.

Many believe this is the future of fundraising. Certainly companies like “Go Fund Me” have demonstrated online fundraising works, especially with the younger generation.

But like many who will read this, I am a little old school and know for some it is intimidating.

With that factor at the forefront, we have developed the simplest and easiest to implement an online program in the industry. We have included a success kit based on comprehensive industry analytics and 30 years of successful fundraising experience.

Our hope is you will recognize we are 100% committed to FFA and will give serious consideration to using the FFA Chapter Challenge this fall. We are ready to and committed to providing funding solutions for your chapter.

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