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Not all Online Fundraisers are created equal!

Did you know that not all online fundraising platforms are created equal? For instance, we return the highest profit from our online fundraisers. On average, that's 83%, with ZERO hidden fees! How does that break down? For any $50 or under donation, you receive 80% of every dollar; for any transaction over $51+, you receive 95%. (minus the credit card fees for both). Plus, unlike all other platforms, all your supporters get an incredibly high-valued gift of $100 Travel Credit and 800,000 national mobile coupons to use!

How our Platform Works:

  1. User-friendly platform with up-to-date results.

  2. Customized options to personalize your campaign.

  3. Advanced Fundraising Tools: Every participant gets a unique URL to track their results live. They can upload emails to start a drip campaign or text out their links to everyone.

  4. Payment Processing—Each participant's URL contains a QR code for quick, easy, and secure checkout for your supporters.

  5. Support Team - our team is here to guide you through the process 100% of the way.

Fun Facts:

  • We use our Bloomin' socks as a great incentive for you to purchase at a discount for your students.

  • Your supporters check out online, and their highly valued gift is delivered via email; therefore, you have nothing to store, distribute, or track!

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you! Let's schedule a call to discuss how we can help your fundraising success.

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