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The Best Way To Prepare For Fall Fundraising

As the fall school year approaches it is always good to prepare ahead of time when thinking about fundraising for your chapter. Below I have included some key points that are crucial when preparing to raise funds.

This includes:

Setting your chapter goal = Example $1,000

Deciding what month you want to fundraise = The start of school is the most active time

How long you want to run your fundraiser = 30 days is a good amount of time

Which fundraiser you would like use ( Online or Sock Store ) = Contact us and we can help you decide what best fits your needs

How you would like to promote the fundraiser = Social media is a great option along with getting your community involved

How to get your students involved = use incentives to have students participate

Want more information?

Contact Mikaela Rosenbusch the FFA and 4H Success Manager


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