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Fundraise Smarter Not Harder with Crowdfunding

You have heard of smart phones, smart cars and smart homes, but what about smart fundraising? Industries across the board are scrambling to get connected and the fundraising industry is no exception.

Traditional fundraising is as ancient as the flip phone. This means you can say sayonara to the days of sending kids door-to-door to sell products that nobody really wants. The future of fundraising is crowdfunding. But what is crowdfunding exactly?

Crowdfunding is a dynamic form of smart fundraising that harnesses the power of email and social media to raise awareness of a cause and drive donations from supporters near and far. If you can email or post to Facebook then you stand a great chance of reaching well beyond just your immediate friends and family with the message of your cause and a link to donate online.

What You Need to Succeed

Motivated Leaders: Leaders are typically parents, coaches, or adult volunteers that will work with fundraising professionals to plan a strategic fundraiser for their organization. Leaders are responsible for recruiting participants, providing resources, staying organized, and monitoring the fundraiser. A good leader will be able to motivate their participants throughout the fundraiser.

Engaged Participants: Participants are the kids participating in your organization. They are responsible for raising awareness about their cause and personally asking friends and family members for donations. An ideal participant for crowdfunding will be savvy with email and social media and will actively seek out supporters throughout the entire fundraiser.

Willing Supporters: Supporters are the people driven to donate on the crowdfunding web page. Typically, supporters consist of friends and family members that are personally connected to the participants. Sometimes, very talented participants can motivate strangers to donate to their cause if their “ask” is particularly compelling and goes viral.

Start Crowdfunding Today! We have a team of experts ready to support you throughout your entire fundraiser. We will not only create a custom online fundraising web page for your organization, but we will also give you email and social media templates to use during your campaign.

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