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How to Ask for Online Donations

When using Facebook, Twitter, and email for crowdfunding, be sure to ask friends and family members to donate several times a week. Crowdfunding works really well, but frequency is the key!

Since everyone is swamped with content in their social feeds and inboxes, don’t expect one ‘ask’ message to get you to your goal. For the best results, we recommend you post to Facebook and Twitter at least 4 times a week and send 2 emails to at least 25 people each week of your fundraiser.

Here are six more tips that will help you reach your fundraising goal.

1. Be Direct Make sure you are as direct as possible when asking your potential donors for support because, if they sense you are sending out a mass communication, they will be less likely to act. Whereas, if you single everyone out using a personal text, phone call or e-mail, your supporter will feel the responsibility of donating falls on his or her shoulders.

2. Explain Why You Need Money It is your job to convince your friends and family members to donate money. To do so, you must explain what the money you are raising will go towards. Make sure to be compelling and to also explain why this cause is important to you.

3. Ask for Small $25 Donations You can’t rely on everyone to be as generous as grandma and grandpa or your favorite aunt who spoils you rotten. Your goal should be to get as many donations as possible. Assure everyone you reach out to you that every little bit helps. Even a $25 donation will help you reach your goal!

4. Ask Everyone to Share Your Message Every time you ask for donations, be sure to remind the recipients to help you spread the word. Whether they donate or not, they can contribute by helping you get your message out to more supporters.

5. Let Them Know They Receive a Gift if They Donate Remind supporters that every donation receives a 1-year membership to to say thanks! They will enjoy access to local and national brand deals available nationwide- worth hundreds of dollars in savings on food, services, and shopping.

6. DON'T FORGET to Include a Link to your Fundraiser Page

This may sound obvious but sometimes we can get distracted when we’re composing the perfect ‘ask’ message. Make sure your link is prominently included next to an obvious call to action, such as: ‘Click Here to Donate’.

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