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Asking for Donations Using Email and Social Media

By now you may understand that the key to a successful fundraiser is direct, persistent, and persuasive communication with friends and family members. (If not, take a moment to read our blog “How to Ask for Online Donations”.) But many of us might still struggle with writer’s block when it comes to asking for donations and support. Fear Not! Check out our examples below of a Facebook post, Twitter post and email that you can use as a guide when developing your communications.


Sample Facebook Post

How can you help [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] this season while saving hundreds of dollars on dining shopping, and entertainment at national retailers? Simply donate $25 to my online fundraiser. Money raised will go towards equipment, travel, and uniforms. Please click here to donate [INSERT LINK].


Sample Twitter Post

Please help me raise money for [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. All proceeds will go towards equipment, travel, and uniform expenses. Just $25 is all I need! Please click to donate [INSERT LINK].


Sample Email

Subject: Please Support my Fundraiser!

Dear [Name],

Please support my online fundraiser for [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] by visiting [INSERT LINK]. We need your help raising money for equipment, travel, and uniforms.

Just a small donation of at least $25 is all we need to succeed. Also, every donation receives a 1-year membership to Rebel Level Rewards where you can save hundreds of dollars at local restaurants, coffee shops, national brand retailers and so much more! Will you please donate today? To donate, click on the link below.

Thank you for all your support!

[Your Name] [Insert Link]


Don’t Forget!

Persistent communication is important. Here are recommendations on how frequently you should communicate with friends and family members throughout your fundraiser:

  • Email at least 25 friends and family members twice a week.

  • Post on Facebook,Twitter or other social media platforms at least four times a week.

  • Make sure you include your unique link to your online fundraiser in every communication.

Want Our Help?

We have a team of fundraising experts that can help you with your communications and provide you customized support throughout your entire fundraiser.

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