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See How Northern High School Football Rocked Their Crowdfunding Campaign

Northern High School Football is a team that honors tradition but is not afraid to try something new. They are currently preparing for next season with a new coach who noticed that the team needs new video equipment, gear and other football essentials. On top of it all, the locker room is in dire need of a renovation. Even though it was off season, it was clear to Coach John Hammett that he needed to find a fundraising solution that the team never tried before so he reached out to Bloom.

After listening to his fundraising needs, our team of experts came up with a plan that would help his team overcome the challenges of raising money off-season using crowdfunding.

First, we worked with him to gather assists to create a customized crowdfunding page including a video, profile picture, and a cover photo. Then, we supported him through the entire process of the fundraiser by making it easy for his athletes to sign up and participate in the fundraiser.

“What sets us apart from other crowdfunding platforms is that we service the fundraiser from start to finish,” says Bloom Account Manager, Chelsea Nowell. “It was easy to see Coach John Hammett’s passion and commitment in joining Northern as Head Coach. Coach Hammett wanted to drive donations by showcasing the past traditions of Northern and restoring pride in their team. Our marketing team designed a social media campaign with strategies such as honoring their revered former coach to inspire people to donate online.”

Despite the challenges, the Northern High School Football team raised $3,157 in just a few weeks. “I was so pleased with the results, we are getting ready to launch another crowdfunding program in the spring. Bloom was so easy to work with and help me overcome the obstacles of raising money as a new coach” says Coach Hammett.

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