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From Your Growing Clover Director

"From the Director - all the questions that you want to know but aren't asking"

Leslie Dill here, Growing Clover Director, sharing some insight into our new program and answering some questions we’ve received. Hope you’ll follow along to hear what Growing Clover means to our team.

If you haven’t heard about this new program yet, here’s what it’s all about. Growing Clover is an online savings and travel portal which provides a unique funding opportunity to state and county 4-H programs. 4-H professionals simply share their custom built Growing Clover page to their database and social media platforms asking supporters to participate for $10. Virtually 100% of the $10 goes back to support 4-H programming! In return, 4-H families and community members are able to support 4-H and receive a one year savings and travel membership, which includes a $100 voucher for hotel stays.

1. Why is Growing Clover Important?

4-H is a one of a kind and remains unmatched by any other programs in the United States. Being a part of 4-H is a valuable experience to each young person’s life. I know this, because I grew up a 4-Her in Ohio and later worked as a 4-H professional in North Carolina. 4-H creates experiences that allow children have a chance to develop life skills necessary to find success in adulthood. Growing Clover will help continue to make these positive impacts by providing an easy way to increase program funding. It will also extend the 4-H brand, create awareness, and speak to the positive impact 4-H has on young people and your community.

2. Why was Growing Clover Created?

Because we love 4-H!! :) Bloom for Good’s CEO, Pete Hexter, is a 4-H alumni from New Jersey. He grew up in a farm environment raising a range of livestock, growing and harvesting crops and enjoying all the positives life on a farm delivered. Involvement in 4-H had a major impact on shaping the values that became the foundation of who he is today.

And as I mentioned, I also grew up in a 4-H family in Guernsey County, Ohio. A 4th generation 4-Her, to be exact. I’ve shown steers, pigs and sheep, gave presentations, and served as a camp counselor, junior leader, and volunteer.

Together, we want to make a difference for the kids, volunteers and professionals associated with 4-H. We want to help 4-H empower our youth with the skills they need to lead in life.

3. How do you see it benefiting 4-H locally and nationwide?

Growing Clover returns nearly 100% back to 4-H! We want 4-H to succeed and we know that requires funds. The entire $10 purchase minus a $0.68 credit card fee goes back to support 4-H.

The funds are distributed as follows:

75% to county

15% to state

10% to the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA), the professional development organization of youth development professionals. The funds NAE4-HA receives will be used to continue the work of the association.

4. How can it be used as a asset?

We know that 4-H professionals are busy with program planning, volunteer training, marketing and more while fundraising is just one more thing on their plates. Growing Clover provides online funding support that can be accomplished with minimal time for the 4-H professional and zero risk as there is no cost set up a fundraiser. We will remedy all your fundraising headaches!

5. Can anyone sign up?

Participation starts with the state 4-H office or foundation officer registering their state. Once approved, county professionals can begin with our simple start form.

6. Can this tie into other fundraising campaigns or is will this hurt my other fundraisers that are already in place?

This is a question I’ve received from several of you, but if done right, you can actually ENHANCE other fundraisers. Having a bake sale? Set up a station ready to take Growing Clover purchases. Hosting a large event such as a fair or awards banquet? Set up a station ready to take Growing Clover purchases. Have an empty corner in your office lobby? Set up a station ready to take Growing Clover purchases. I think you get the idea. The more people you reach with your message the better! Growing Clover doesn’t have to take away from the wonderful things you are already doing.

7. How does Bloom benefit from the creation of Growing Clover?

Bloom works with associations on a split which typically is 60% to organization 40% to Bloom on the $10 membership purchase. A $3 activation fee is collected by Access Development who owns and supports the platforms which include the Growing Clover Savings and Travel membership. Pete decided two years ago to give something significant back to 4-H to say thanks and make a difference which is why 4-H organizations are getting back 100% of the $10 Growing Clover purchase minus a small credit card fee.

8. Seriously, is it that easy of a program that you create a page for us and all we have to do is promote?

Yes! Our goal was to build a funding program that was as easy as possible to implement. As a former 4-H professional, I KNOW how strapped you are for time. We will provide all of the tools you need for success!

Still have questions? Send me a message at or take a look at our FAQ here.

Click here to jump in today!

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