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91st FFA Convention

We spent this week in the great state of Indiana for the National FFA Convention. It was humbling to watch 70,000+ FFA students and advisors flood the streets of Indy. Every where you turned you could see those blue corduroy jackets that stand out in a crowd. Each and every one of those kids wearing their jackets with pride of accomplishments. These are our future leaders, these are some of the brightest, most intelligent young adults that you will ever meet.

The theme of the convention --

“Just One. One moment, one encounter, one opportunity is all it takes to radically change the course of our lives. This year, our team has chosen “Just One” as our theme because we recognize the importance of each individual “Just One” step toward growth as we work toward our vision of growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture. Changing the world sounds like a daunting task at times, yet we believe FFA members can change the world every day by Just One simple action. Just One embodies the idea that our FFA experiences were powerful because we took Just One chance and stepped out of our comfort zones. We hope to encourage members to take Just One risk. Just One step. Just One moment of courage. We are capable of shaping the future of agriculture, our homes, communities and the United States of America, when we believe in the power of Just One!”

– 2017-18 National FFA Officer Team

The convention was like nothing ever seen before and we are honored to have been a part of something so incredible. For 3 days we were able to network with FFA Students, Advisors and Alumni as we shared our vision of “Blue and Gold Strong”. All of us brought together by a love of Agriculture, serving others and providing opportunities to help our next generations. It was evident that the FFA Moto of “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve,” lives proudly in anyone associated with the organization.

Bloom is honored to be working toward helping funding solutions for FFA. An opportunity to give back to these future leaders of America is one of the main reasons that Bloom was developed. As always, we believe in building partnerships that lasts within organizations that make a difference.

Watch the Opening Ceremonies Here:

Learn more about Blue & Gold Strong

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