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The Power of Giving Camp for Christmas...

Truly it's an An Opportunity You Don't Want to Miss...

Already dreading the piles of toys your children will receive for Christmas this year?

Why not give them the gift of attending

4-H camp instead? Growing Clover allows your friends and family to give money towards a wonderful week at 4-H camp.

Make it exciting by printing a certificate or wrapping a small item representing the camp they will attend to open on Christmas morning.

If filling your holidays with less stuff and more experiences is your goal, find out how it works on our FAQs on our website.

Contact your local 4-H professional to sign you up today! Find you local 4-H agent


"Bloom has been granted the rights to use the official 4-H marks going forward. First, as an alumni, I am proud to be able to operate as an extension of a great national organization. Secondly, I am confident many of you will feel more comfortable with Bloom being an officially recognized partner beyond our NAE4-HA relationship. "

~ Pete Hexter, CEO

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