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Don't Make THIS Crowdfunding Mistake

You’ve got your Growing Clover page all set up and you’re super excited to share it. You hop on Facebook, type up a stellar attention-grabbing post, hit share and you’re done! Right? Well, not quite. While social media is an EXCELLENT way to share your fundraiser page, it shouldn’t be the only platform you use. Why? Our history shows that groups that use multiple forms of communication such as email, social media, and text are by far the most successful.

Make a Plan

  • Social media. Schedule multiple Facebook posts using Facebook’s own scheduling feature. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your message in front of your audience. We recommend posting several times a week on all of your social media accounts using a variety of photos and messages. Keep your audiences informed of your progress and remind them of why you are raising funds. Not sure what to write? Check out our sample posts here.

  • Email. We recommend emailing your audience 3-5 times during your campaign. Be sure to share compelling details about your funding needs and how people can support your cause. Educate your audience on why it matters and spur them into action. Need some inspiration? Try a few of our sample emails.

  • Texting. Text is a way to share your fundraiser that you might not have considered. Many of us spend a lot more time in front of our phones than on a computer. Simply, text your link directly to contacts in your phone or use our ‘Text to Pay’ feature. You can ask folks to text your unique fundraiser code to 801-872-7255 and your page will be texted back to them. You might be surprised how many contacts you have who might be willing to support your cause: friends, family, 4-H parents, volunteers, alumni, community leaders. (Not sure what your fundraiser code is? Email and we’ll help you out!)

Think e of the box and try a few of these ideas.outside

  • Do you have a spare laptop in your office and some extra space in the lobby? Set up a temporary donation station so folks who visit your office can support you.

  • Call attention to your campaign on your website and include a link to your funding page.

  • Pick out a great deal available in your town and ask that retailer if you can set up a table outside their store.

  • Print several copies of our printable flyer to take to all of your meetings and programs.

Follow these suggestions and see how quickly you meet your goal! Remember, using multiple

forms of communication to complement you social media campaign will increase your chance of a successful fundraiser.

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