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Recommend a Local Retailer For Discounts....

A 12-month Growing Clover Membership boasts hundreds of deals to choose from including local, online, travel and grocery coupons. You can search for specific deals in your area by typing your zip code into the search box. I love using the My Deals app while I’m out and about to see what extra savings I can get for lunch or shopping. If you haven’t downloaded the accompanying My Deals app on your phone yet, do it now! It’s so easy to use.

If you can’t find deals for your favorite local coffee shop, boutique store or hair salon- never fear! You can recommend that your beloved retailers be added! It’s really easy to do.

1. Head on over to the website:

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Click on “Recommend a Retailer” on the bottom left.

Share what you’d like to see be added and click Send.

Need more information? We would love to help! Contact us to find out how you can start saving money with your membership today!

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