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Compel your Supporters to Donate

In a brief paragraph (no more than 340 characters), explain exactly why your supporters should donate to your Growing Clover campaign today. Be compelling and explain specifically how the money will impact the program. Don’t forget to provide a photo to add to your page. Got writer’s block? Answering some or all of these questions will help you tell your story. Send your story to and we will add it to your page

*How will the funds you raise be used? Be as specific as you can.

*Include a link to your website.

*What challenges do you face?

*Do you have success stories or statistics about this program?

Need some ideas? Here are just a few ways Growing Clover can support your programs.

Once your page is set up, it’s time to share with the world! Be sure to share your customized Growing Clover fundraising page through social media, email and text. The more people who see your page, the better!

>> Social Media:

*A picture really does speak a thousand words! Be sure to Include a photo or video in every message. Here is some inspiration for high-quality images you can share to help you get noticed

**Pictures of this event in the past

**Kids in 4-H shirts

**Encourage supporters with a thumbs-up or a handwritten THANK YOU!

**You can post this video which explains the great discounts supporters will receive with Growing Clover.

**Post of video thanking every supporter. Don’t forget to tag them in your post!

**Share video “updates” on how your campaign is going.

**Use the images we provide for you on our resources page.

>> Email:

Make a list of different “groups” of people you can email such as volunteers, alumni, current youth, and community supporters. Create a schedule for an email campaign by writing your own message or using the templates provided on our resources page. Email each group a minimum of three times.

>> Text:

Text the link to potential supporters, volunteers, parents and teens in your program. Not only can they easily purchase a Growing Clover membership from their phone, they can also forward it to others.

Click here for other ideas on sharing your page.

Stay engaged

You’ve done with work to share your link with others, but we’re not quite done yet. Be sure to build continued excitement throughout the campaign by keeping people informed and sharing your journey along the way. By inviting people to be a part of your story, you are inspiring others to donate. :)

*Ask people to share your posts and emails. Even if someone can’t support you financially, they can still help you by sharing your message. Most people will take the time to share your post if you ask them.

*Post often and at varied times, using different stories and photos. Here are a few examples you can use.

>>When you receive a large amount

>>When five people supported you in one hour

>>When you are halfway to meeting your goal

Check out our resources page for additional ideas.

Say Thank You

Your supporters will receive a 12-month Growing Clover savings membership, but it never hurts to thank them personally, too. Tag them in a post, write a handwritten thank you note, or give them a call or text to say thanks.

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