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Make It Happen with Growing Clover

We want to help you make it happen. Whether “it” is getting more kids on the bus to head to summer camp, piloting a program that’s hugely needed in your community, or finally being able to hire a summer intern! Don’t let a lack of funding be the reason you don’t grow in 2019.

Our Growing Clover campaigns are designed to provide funding solutions for the 4-H community. While grants and scholarships are wonderful and certainly are important pieces in funding 4-H, there is still a real need for unrestricted funding in many counties.

With Growing Clover, you can raise unrestricted funds to expand and enhance programming, reach a greater number of youth and build awareness of 4-H in your community. It’s really a no-brainer.

We have developed two distinct funding programs with ways to customize your campaign to fit your needs. Let’s take a look at those two programs: a county campaign and a youth campaign.

Youth Campaigns

When you sign up for your Growing Clover campaign, your 4-H youth members can use this platform to raise money to attend 4-H events such as camps, retreats, competitions and more.

What I love about the youth campaigns is that 4-H members will practice lasting leadership skills through setting goals and leveraging technology to achieve their goals. They are given the responsibility to earn money for their trip and can be creative and unique with their campaign.

How It Works:

  1. Fill out our simple Get Started form for each youth member.

  2. Each 4-H member will receive a unique link to their funding page.

  3. The 4-H member will share his/her link with friends and family who will purchase a 12-month Growing Clover travel and savings membership to help them raise money.

Here’s a sample of what your customized page will look like!

County Campaigns - Online Crowdfunding

The original Growing Clover program. It’s really simple and can be done completely online. There is no inventory and no risk. In fact, you can get started in five easy-peasy steps:

  1. Fill out our simple Get Started form.

  2. Receive your county’s custom link.

  3. Share your custom link through email, social media and word of mouth with your 4-H program families, volunteers, alumni and community.

  4. Supporters give $10 and receive a 12-month Growing Clover travel and savings membership.

  5. You build awareness of 4-H in your community and raise lots of unrestricted dollars!

Check out our robust resources page that offers every element necessary to make this simple yet successful!

Optional Cards

If you prefer to have something “in hand” for your supporters to purchase, we can provide beautiful, customized cards for your group. The front of the card is customized to promote your 4-H program and the back of the card gives instructions on how to redeem the 12-month Growing Clover travel and savings membership online.

2019 is going to be amazing! We can’t wait to see how you use Growing Clover to make “it” happen in your community. Our team would love to hear from you when you do - Email us a testimony on all of your incredible savings!

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