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Energizing Your Fundraising

It’s a month into the new year. The holiday break was not long enough. You’re exhausted. Your desk is covered in “to-do“ piles. You have sticky notes with your daily tasks scribbled down. Every time you cross through a task to mark it out, you have to add three more tasks to the list. As a 4-Her, what you are doing actually matters and helps other people. You have to push through all of the work you have to do. People depend on you. The pressure is on. You have limited funds to run all of the amazing 4-H programs that you know will benefit your organization and the youth of today. You have to fundraise somehow, but the thought of it makes you even more tired. More to do...

Don’t let these burdens keep you down! Pick a fundraiser that will help you lighten the load on your shoulders, not add to it. You help people every day. Now, it’s time to accept some help for yourself. The new fundraising program with Bloom For Good, is the help you need. It’s called Growing Clover. It was made by 4-Hers, for 4-Hers. Growing Clover is nationally approved and uses the official 4-H Emblem to proudly show it.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Growing Clover not only helps you raise unrestricted funds for your programs, it spreads awareness about 4-H along the way. Your mission, is the Growing Clover Mission.

  • There are no upfront costs with Growing Clover. Whether you chose to do your fundraising online, or order the physical product, Growing Clover requires that no money come out of your pocket in order to start your fundraising.

  • Your return is anywhere between 80 and 95 percent, depending on which type of fundraiser you choose. In the fundraising world, this is unheard of, and it’s all because Growing Clover exists specifically to help you and 4-H.

  • Growing Clover has a program for raising funds for 4-H youth to attend 4-H Summer Camps, 4-H Competitions, and any 4-H Conferences. This, is all about the kids! They can even get involved and learn the importance of gaining support from their communities and reaching their fundraising goals.

The best part?

Growing Clover supplies you with anything and everything you need to be successful. From marketing tools like graphics, flyers, and emails, to personalized fundraising web pages and social media posts: Growing Clover has representatives that are with you every step of the way.

So, take the opportunity to cross a few more tasks off of your lists. Worry about one less thing and enjoy your success by accepting help from Growing Clover. Let them help you take the load off of your shoulders, so that you can get energized about your work again!

Don’t wait to get the help and energy you need: fill out this form today, to get more information.

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