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What's Your Story?

We all have a story to tell! Have you ever really thought about how you are going to tell your story when it is time? Do you scream passion when you talk about all of the amazing things you do every single day inspiring our youth?

It is important to know when the time comes how you are going to tell your story to supporters. Whether you are looking to build up a program, add more trips, send kids to camp, gather needed supplies or just have additional spending funds, there is a story in all of those needs. It is as important to tell that story as it is to get the funds.

For instance, here is our story!

"Our mission is always about helping fund youth organizations. We see a huge need in helping the communities around us grow. By assisting with funding we are building up our future through our youth. Could you imagine a time if we didn't have enough kids to participate in sports, educational trips, school programs or camps due to a lack to funding? Hopefully, we will never see that happen. Hopefully, we will see our dreamers out there doing more! That's why we are here trying to help our youth organizations to build a better tomorrow."

So the next time you are about to begin a fundraising journey or narrative about your story, think about how you are making an impact. Remember, your story will bind your together with your supporters and develops lasting relationships. Believe in what you do and it will spill out amongst your conversations.

In today's digital world your story is out there - so make sure you are the on that is telling it.

Start with these few questions to develop your story....

1. How are you inspiring others through your actions?

2. How can you form a connection with your supporters?

3. Are you painting 1/2 the story of what you achieving with your organization?

4. Do you talk about how you build up our youth every day?

5. Are you sharing 100% off your passion through your story?

Take ownership of your story and let us hear what it is. Better yet, let world hear what it is!! We would love to know more about you and what you do to impact our youth, build up our future and how you inspire people every day!

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