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Hustling for Funding....

Isn't it true that every single youth organization is looking for funding? There is never enough of the funds. Never enough time to get it completed. Never enough options or then again too many options.

So many options for fundraising, so little time! I can already feel my head spinning thinking about all of the fundraising opportunities my son will bring home this year alone. So yes, I get it. There will be candy bars. Wreaths. Cards. Jump ropes. Plant sells. Coupon Books. Wrapping paper. I swear if I see one more fundraiser that wants me to buy wrapping paper.... AHHHH!

Personally, I am the mom that would rather send in $20 and be done with it all. Is that even enough? Should I give more? Or less? However, I am not naive enough to think that everyone can provide that. Which is why I have sat where you are. Thinking outside the box of what would work. What families use. What makes the best profit. It is always so devastating to learn that his school or his sports clubs make 30% to 50% on all of their efforts. Now that makes me want to cry. You put in ALL of that incredibly hard work for so little return, right?

That makes my heart hurt because we work so hard every day to give back to our youth at Bloom. Make a lasting impact that will help the organization continue to assist programs that build up our youth. After all, our youth development teams, teachers, schools, coaches work so incredibly hard and deserve to have it all! It is often a "thank less" job. That is why we strive so hard to give you as much as possible of a 70% profit return on your fundraisers. That is why we want to be on "your team."

As a mother, I am thankful for all of the coaches, teachers and influencers in my son's life. As a business women I am proud to be a part of a company that believes it is more important than anything to give back to the foundation or organization that invest the funds in our future leaders.

I would love the opportunity to have a conversation with you - if for nothing more than to learn about what you do to impact our youth. But mostly, to have the chance to say "Thank you!" Let's hustle together!

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