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Inspired by Youth

Seriously, you never know when something or someone might just jump up and inspire you. That very thing happened to me this week. As many of you know what we do at Bloom is work with organizations that impact our youth. A big part of what I do is centered around working with Junior Golfers to earn personalized golf bags for their PGA Sections. We create customized crowdfunding pages for them to raise funds with the net proceeds going back to their PGA sections foundation. These funds support the programming within the section mostly being put back into junior golf. That alone is inspiring because I get the opportunity to watch kids give back to their community each day through the game of golf.

But this week, I got inspired even more by one of the juniors from the New England PGA. Theo Parianos a Freshman at Manchester-Essex Regional High school who plays for the Varsity Golf team is on a mission. Not only does he golf, he also is a Hockey player for multiple teams including the Vikings for Rockport High School, Agawam Chiefs in Hamilton, and Cape Ann Midgets in Gloucester, and a recreational Soccer goalie. He plans to train this spring to be an associate golf club fitter at his local pro shop and will be playing in his second season of New England PGA Junior Tours this spring and summer. Not only did Theo make it his mission to earn his $300 for his goal bag - he decided to keep giving. Currently, Theo is at $555 with a goal of reaching $1000 for the foundation. Now that is inspiring!! A junior golfer who looks beyond the goals and has his eye on the mission.

We could all use a little bit of Theo's heart he has put into this mission. Giving back to community, to the NEPGA and raising awareness for the cause. It is a pleasure to work with such amazing athletes that just "get it." Thank you Theo for sharing your passion for the game to others, but more importantly for understanding the power of giving. Let's let Theo inspire all of us - surely the world would be a better place if we all used Golf Fore Giving!!

Follow Theo on his instagram Page "Golf Fore Giving" -

Theo's Favorite Quote: “I don’t obsess over mistakes, because they do happen, I just keep working and training hard. I just keep helping the team, which is key.”

-David de Gea

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