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Apple for the Teacher!

Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner! May 6th-May 10th is the week dedicated to showing our teachers that we recognize the hours they put into their job, the amount of time they spend monitoring OUR children (along with 20 other children), teachers don’t teach for the pay...the list is endless.

Did I mention I am a former teacher? 7 years of teaching and I still remember every single parent who showed me support during teacher appreciation week. I am very passionate about teacher appreciation and am thankful I have the opportunity to share with others an amazing, yet simple “thank you” gift. Bloom’s VIP Bonus Rewards Cards are PERFECT for teachers. It’s really a lot of gifts wrapped into one card. VIP Bonus Rewards Cards are for ANY teacher because it offers thousands of savings, both local and nationwide. I've used so much of my personal money teaching that I could have saved on, had I been given the this opportunity. Not only that, it also provides me to shop places I go for fun like the movies (30% off) or on food I order about twice a month pizza. CAN YOU BELIEVE THERE IS MORE?! Well; believe it. The $100 Travel Voucher included with the VIP Membership Card makes a difference to anyone, but especially teachers on a budget. The Travel Voucher gives teachers the opportunity to plan a vacation this summer at an affordable cost! Contact us today to get a simple, suitable teacher appreciation gift for all the wonderful teachers that help our youth succeed.

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