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Monache FFA Online Fundraising Guide

Monache FFA did a remarkable job documenting and sharing their online fundraiser for their students in google classroom. Plus, offering incentives for the high sellers! We wanted to share their information so that we can all be successful. Check out how they laid it out on their social media channels for their Chapter Members.

Don't forget each of your chapter members can join your Online FFA Fundraiser so that you can track each of their success. This makes giving out incentives easy and rewards the students.

Content shared on their Social Media Post: "Our Bloom Fundraiser is Underway! Don't miss out on your first opportunity to help fundraise and get an activity point. Raise or sell $60 and you will receive a point. And there are some BIG AWARDS and PRIZES! (Swipe to See) Check out the FFA Google Classroom for more info or wipe to see a "How-to" on using the website to register, fundraiser, and share the link to a HUGE sawings card once your friends or family give a donation".

See Fundraising Awards | Incentives below

Use your Fundraising Link to share your Custom Chapter URL - or once the chapter members individually join the fundraiser they will share their own.

The supporter will click the Blue Button "Donate" in order to give funds to your chapter. $20 is the minimum amount that can be entered, but they can always opt to give more.

Once they choose how much they wish to donate they click on which student they are supporting within the chapter (this is how you track who raises the most money). Then follow the prompts to fill out the information section to receive their membership.

Following their donation, they will receive a confirmation email that gives them access to the 1 year FFA Travel and Savings Platform. (see all those deals here) Plus in addition several FFA Exclusive deals. The best part is NOW they can also share the link with friends and family to continue helping you gain supporters.

Some key points about the membership - it's APP friends, so no coupons needed just a computer or your phone. There are 400,000 deals on the savings platform, plus an entire TRAVEL portal that gives WHOLESALE travel deals. Make sure to explore your zip code and your favorite travel destinations for good talking points when you are selling!

Thank you, Monache FFA for leading the way and sharing how you are raising your funds online. We look forward to working with all our chapters across the country to give back 80% profits to FFA!

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