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The Need to Know about FFA Travel!

Why we built FFA Travel

From the inception of our FFA partnership, Bloom has focused on delivering as

many positive benefits to chapters and supporters as possible. We realize the value of our $100 travel voucher brings to your FFA Travel and Savings membership. We also know it is a major point of difference in what we deliver as your fundraising partners

Who supports it and how we are delivering these great discounts

Bloom, your FFA fundraising partner has been working with the Access Travel & Activities Platform for many years. Unlike other travel platforms, Access offers many compelling benefits that differentiate it from other Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Names you will recognize like Expedia, Kayak, Priceline and others have much higher rate markup than is provided on the FFA Travel platform.

How we serve upmarket leading Travel Deals

Our platform partner has a massive inventory of hotels with wholesale pricing. Members can save up to 60% off hotel pricing using our platform. In some cases, the discounts are even deeper. Because we don’t advertise these deals publicly, they

are only seen by Private Members Groups like our FFA communities.

Hotels do not allow their wholesale rates to be displayed in the public domain. and other online travel agencies that play in the public space are obligated to publish retail rates that don’t undermine the hotels.

Programs features and Benefits

Deals only available to our private member groups

One-stop-shop travel discount network— hotels, car rentals, activities, and flights

More than 700K hotels worldwide

Competitive price comparisons with other vendors (including Expedia and Travelocity)

Free cancellations on most hotels

Up to 60% off Hotels

Free cancellations on car rentals

Book now or pay later car rental option

200+ airlines including low-cost carrier (e.g., Southwest Airlines)

Up to $60 off Disney tickets

Discounted worldwide Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and other theme park tickets

Friendly and responsive 24/7 customer service

Paperless confirmation

Star ratings and Trip Advisor reviews

No hidden fees or contracts

BBB Accredited with A+

World-class customer service

You get discounts on 16,000 Theme Park and Entertainment Venues

22,000 car rental locations

200+ Airlines including low-cost carrier

100% USA based call center

Toll-free voice, webchat, and email support

Bi-lingual support as needed

24/7-member service and support

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